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Double Landing Flying Lesson for One

Take off for an unforgettable aerial adventure with this incredible flying lesson for one.

With an expert instructor to teach you all the skills you’ll need, you’ll learn to fly a real aircraft at your chosen airfield. Start off with a full briefing upon arrival before taking to the skies for the first of two 25–30 minute flights, where you’ll observe as your instructor talks you through piloting the aircraft. As passenger, you’ll get a front-row seat to the basic maneuvers you’ll need to learn before taking control of the plane yourself. Back on solid ground it’s time to swap places as you take control for the second flight. With the instructor by your side to guide you and offer support, you’ll soar through the clouds at heights of up to 2000ft.

Touch down and de-brief before being presented with a signed certificate to put towards a full pilot’s licence!

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What’s included?

  • Double flying legs of 25–30 minutes each
  • Your first session will be as an observer and passenger and your second session will be as pilot
  • Full briefing and tutoring from an expert instructor
  • A signed certificate to go towards your pilot’s licence